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It’s already March!!! Happy New Year, By The Way!!!


Happy New Year!!! Better late than never right. We just want to take an opportunity to update you on some new developments, some exciting change, and some serious needs. Thanks for staying informed, and thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter.

In this post:

  • We need some help!!!
  • The school kids are doing well
  • We replaced the Van with an SUV
  • The new office has arrived


Help Needed!!!

As you are likely aware, the Canadian dollar is a little down right now. We are getting less than 70 Kenyan shillings for each Canadian dollar. This is starting to take it’s toll. It means we need to raise more funds in Canada just to maintain the level of spending we are doing here. And here, costs are always going up.

Its been a challenging start to the year. We have been dealing with a lot of vehicle repairs. Here, this not just about the convenience of a safe reliable vehicle, its also about security. It is very unsafe to have a break down. If that happens in the wrong place at the wrong time, things can get dangerous. Quickly. So, we have to maintain and repair the vehicles. It’s been costly.

We have some maintenance issues in the homes as well. Just plumbing, septic field drainage, and the back up generator to name a few. It all adds up.

We really need a shot in the arm, if you will, for the budget. The bank account is getting lower than comfortable. If you are able to make a donation to help strengthen the financial situation, this will relieve a lot of pressure.  Please consider if you are able to contribute a little something, or a big something. Every penny counts. The situation is verging on emergent.

On the home page, or the donate page, you will find donate buttons to make an instant contribution via PayPal. You can also donate through your credit card using visit this link to find our profile there.

Of course cheques can be mailed to our office as well. That is 160 Delaronde Road, Saskatoon Saskatchewan, S7J 3Y4

Please consider how you can help.



The Kids Are Loving School


Good Hope Academy


Kevin and Kennedy, Maggie, Douglas, Samuel, and Margaret

Six of our little people are in school. They are having a great time. Every time we see them they want to sing us one of the new songs they have learned, and give us a full report of how the are doing, what they are learning etc. They are just so eager and excited for school. It’s such a privilege to be a part of the development of these precious little lives. We are very proud of our young scholars!

New Vehicle at The Children’s Homes



The new….gently used SUV

It was time for a more suitable vehicle! We had a Toyota Noah Mini-van for a couple of years, and it served us well. However, it is a rear wheel drive vehicle, and not really tough enough for the ….lets call them challenging…..roads. It was time to replace it with something that can handle the mud, rains, potholes, and generally crazy roads.This Mitsubishi Pajero is just what the doctor ordered!


A tough Mitsubishi Pajero. 4X4, 7 seater.

 A new Office for The Children’s Homes


DSC09081 (1)

It’s common to use “retired” sea containers and re-purpose them. This is a 20 foot model.

We have been stealing space in each children’s home for filing cabinets, work space etc. Now that we have grown to the point that we need all the space we can get for our ever growing number of babies, we felt it was time for an office. It’s a place where we can get computers set up, organize files, and have meetings.

Thanks to a generous donation from one family during he Christmas season, we were able to make this a reality!


These make great buildings. They are secure and weather proof!




Some new computer equipment. Getting the internet connected is proving to be a challenge.


A work in progress.



A little meeting area.

We want to thank each and every one of you who contribute to our work financially. We cannot do this without you.

We continue on with high hopes as we continue to grow both in the scope of this important work, as well as in our ability to do it with excellence and efficiency.


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