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Vision, Mission & Purpose

VISION:  Total Turn Around

MISSION: We will see a total turn around in individual lives, from poverty to wholeness, from sickness to health, from darkness to light.  We will bring compassion to the vulnerable and hope to the hopeless.


Mission:180 Ministries exists to:
1. Help needy people in Canada and Africa. We exist to Impact the lives of people in need by showing them the love of Jesus through practical acts of kindness that include caring for the whole person; body, mind, soul and spirit.
2. We will help the mind and body by helping meet immediate physical needs, feeding the hungry, bringing medical attention to illness and wounds and supplying medicine for the prevention of further disease. We will help by supplying food, clothing and housing. We will provide employment training, equipping and opportunities.
3. We will help the mind, Soul and spirit by introducing anyone who has not already heard the Gospel to a relationship with Jesus Christ through the teaching and preaching of the Bible.
4. We will actively participate in the life of Christian churches in the countries where we operate by preaching and teaching in local congregations during special meetings and regularly scheduled worship times.
5. We will provide training for existing ministers, and we will help to raise up new church leaders, through seminars, conferences, and ministry training schools.
6. We will impact the lives of Canadians by providing volunteer service opportunities in Canada and abroad. We will provide planning and training for Short Term Missions to the developing world. This will include resources for travel plans, and actual specific missions/service opportunities in the developing world.  We will host teams from churches, sports clubs, businesses etc. We will also host families or individuals who want to come and offer their talents and services.
7. We will raise up Canadians to come to the developing world for long term missions, providing them with opportunities to pour their lives into those in need.

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