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Baby Dale Update

The other day Dale went to the mission hospital in Kijabe. It’s a hospital operated by Africa Inland Mission, and has a reputation for excellent health care. Dale and several of our other chikfren with specific medical needs have been seeing specialists there. It’s a long day, as it takes two hours to drive each way, and there is always a queue. Dale’s prognosis is still unclear. They are reluctant to give a name to exactly what is his condition. We are told we need to wait and see how his growth progresses and if there is any measurable change. So far he has been putting on weight, though slowly. His eyesight remains poor, and his mobility in his limbs is limited. He should by now be sitting and standing and taking some steps. But he is not able to do any of those things.Our dedicated and very loving staff have been taught how to do the specific physio required for Dale, and it is helping. When he came into our care, it was as if he was frozen in a pose. His limbs were not movable. Now he has much more flexibility. He responds to his name, and he loves to hear the sound of his house mom’s voice. Florence is doing a wonderful job with him. He is happiest in her arms!Please keep Dale and all of our children in your prayers.

Joshua holding a rather unhappy little Dale! Whenever we get a chance to hold him, it really breaks our hearts.

Josh and Dale, with Damaris, a new addition to the Mission:180 Family looking on.

Dale in my arms. Its heartbreaking. I routinely hold him and pray for him. Desperate to see God heal this little angel!

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