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Sweet Surprise Family Reunions and other News!

Surprise Family Reunions

Just about two years ago Michael became part of the Mission:180 family.  A sweet intelligent little boy who’s life circumstances were very very unhealthy and sad. As with all of our children, Michael has a story. And as with all of our children, it’s tough.

What we did not know when we took in Michael is that he has a baby sister. Somehow she was not in the picture when we rescued Michael. She was lost in poverty somewhere caught up in a very broken system. Then a few months ago we got the call from another organization that Michael has a sister, named Agnes, she’s a toddler, and we were asked if we could take her in so that these siblings could be together. We were then and are now over capacity. But how could we say “No”?

After some fumbling and mistakes on the part of the authorities etc., last week Agnes finally came to live at Mission:180. It was a very special moment when Michael was introduced to his younger sister whom he did not even know existed. What an emotionally charged and instant love filled reunion. Michael and Agnes are together for the first time. They are safe. They are well fed and clothed. Michael is in school, all is well. Whenever possible, Michael is beside Agnes. He’s so proud. So happy. And naturally protective too! The other children are marvelling at how much they look alike. Take a look, and you will see it does not require close scrutiny to conclude these two are brother and sister.


New Handyman! Meet Jack.

Jack is a young man weve known for a couple of years since we lived in another area of Nairobi. Jack was one of our neighbors.  Occasionally he did odd jobs and repairs on the house we lived in. He always did a good job, and we always felt he was /is honest and trustworthy. Recently I was trying to sort out some maintenance and repair issues at the children’s home. Anyone who knows me knows that I have limited skills at repairs and such things. It is not my forte. Not my strength.  If you need something broken, I am your first call.

It has been an ongoing area of frustration for me at the children’s homes. Every time I step foot on the place, someone is reporting something not working, something broken. 56 children and 38 staff will inevitably wear things down.  And the little boys are by nature….well, little boys.  I found myself once again feeling overwhelmed and frankly discouraged.  It has been a major issue finding honest contractors and builders who will do their work with integrity, with good materials, and finish a job well and in a timely fashion.  And as a foreigner, I have no recourse for trying to get any kind of correction or justice. I am often quoted a price for a job, including materials. Then the person doing the job buys really poor quality materials to keep the money in his pocket. The result is more breakdowns and damages.

Anyhow, for some reason last month Jack came to mind. I went with him to Mission:180 Children’s Homes and we took a good look around. He has been working with us ever since. Within several days Jack made big changes that should have been completed by others who were hired for the same tasks.  It has been refreshing to have someone trustworthy out there getting work done. Really refreshing. Jack is one of those talented peole with a real understanding for fixing things like automobiles, houses, appliances etc. It is amazing how gifted he is actually. I am in awe and so grateful! He is also ever considerate of costs and expenses, so he strives hard to get good deals and make sure we are not being cheated.  That said, it is all very costly, there is so much that has been left undone, and we daily find new things that that previous builders and electricians/plumbers/ etc failed to do. Cutting corners and cheating clients is the name of the game all too often unfortunately.   Jack is not a contractor, he is not a short term hire. Jack is invested in making the place better, for the children. He is demonstrating a very real understanding of what we do and why we are here. And he is very grateful to have a steady job and income.  I am praying this is a great fit and long term solution to what has been a really frustrating aspect of my role as director. So far, it is a huge burden off my shoulders and a real breath of fresh air.

Super -Cute Video Alert:

Recently Jennifer put together a video update for our child sponsors.  Many of you know we depend on regular pledged giving to make the budgetary needs of Mision:180 a reality. It is really difficult to keep up with the sponsorship reports. It is a huge job, and we really want to keep our donors and sponsors informed and feeling connected to how your giving is making such a positive impact.  Jennifer had the brilliant idea of a video that shows a few seconds of each child playing etc. It turned into a 30 minute report. But, if you take the time to watch it you will see very happy, healthy children playing and interacting and having fun. Well clothed, well fed, healthy safe and happy. As they deserve to be. This is why we are here. Your generosity makes it possible. Please consider making a donation or sponsoring a child for $40.00 per month.  Each child actually requires 9 sponsors to cover all the expenses of operating the children’s home. We are hovering around 50-55% sponsorship. We need help!

Please take a few moments and watch this video, in whole or in part. It will touch your heart.

As you watch the video please make special note when you hear the names Damaris, James and Paul as they still have no sponsors. Also Bradley, Francis, Isiah, Martin, Sharon, Tifar,  Peter and Valentine only have one sponsor family each. If you know of anyone who would like to sponsor a child or if you have room in your budget to sponsor another child please keep these children in mind as they are in most need of sponsorship.

Please Consider How You Can Help:

We have several projects happening right now. Septic tank renovation and enlarging the septic field.  Water supply to the homes, as the pipes and connectors that were installed by previous contractors are failing and leaking. These are costly repairs, but Jack is committed to getting it done right, as we have funds available for the work.

We need to build a new kitchen facility. ASAP. But we have not been able to begin because we only have approximately 2/3 of the required budget in place. We really need some donations to come in for these projects, as well as some new pledged giving to our general budget or to the Children’s Home budget by way of child sponsorship.

To make a one time donation via PayPal click this link:

To sign up to be a regular, scheduled donor or child sponsor, click this link: (you can set the amount once you are on the site).

If youd prefer to donate either once or regularly through CanadaHelps, click this link:

We are so grateful for all of you who are connected to this work through your prayers, your words of encouragement, your visits to see the inner workings of Mission:180 in Kenya, and of course your financial partnership. It is our hearts desire that you take ownership of this success. It is yours and ours together. We have accomplished all this together, under the blessing and faithfulness of God our provider and protector.

God bless you all, and thanks for taking the time to read this and keep up with Mission:180!

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