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Farming Project

Mission:180 Farm Sponsorship – $40 per month


By sponsoring the farm at Mission:180 you will be helping to cover the expenses of all of our crops as well as the food and medical care for our animals. Your funding will also help us increase the capacity of the farm, obtain more efficient irrigation and other technical upgrades or tools when needed. The goal of Mission:180’s farm project is to be self-sustaining for all garden items, milk, eggs and rabbit meat for consumption in Mission:180’s Children’s Homes.

Mission:180’s Farmer Sponsorship – $40 per month


Humphrey works for Mission:180 as our full time farmer. He has a Certificate of Organic Agriculture with a strong emphasis on Animal Husbandry.

Humphrey is responsible for the care and reproduction of all Mission:180 farm animals (cows, chickens and rabbits) as well as the entire garden full of vegetables and fruits.

Please contact Jennifer @ for further details, for further details or to begin sponsorship.

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